Review request! 21k (W, me) Vs 22k

I won but I feel I could have done better. Made a few mistakes here and there. Any areas I can do better in? Thank you!!

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Welcome! Not a bad game already, I put some variation

As advise you should watch your back more you play sometimes very locally (for ex to close a boundary), when something dramatic could happen in your back.

Thank you for the review!! I saw the variations. My thinking then was that it was easy for the opponent to breakthrough. Am I right to say that the points gained for playing back would be more than even if he broke through?

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Move 78 to move 86: in this fight there you missed one opportunity and you made many useless moves. Useless move is like a pass (sometimes even worse) so that in fact should be your first goal. Eliminate useless moves. With no time constraint you can find and correct them. It’s a prerequisite for deeper insight but if you can’t no worry, you just need more games and practice.

Aite got it! Thank you for the advice!

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I reviewed it for you if you are still online?
couple mistakes but i enjoyed reviewing it. You did well!