Review Request - 22k vs 21k

Hi, guys!

I started playing Go for about two weeks, and right now, I am slowly learning how it works.
Right now, I am starting to have a losing streak. So, I thought maybe someone can tell me what my strengths and weaknesses in this good(?) game.


Thanks! ^^


I would tell you this : play often and review your games. Watch other games (maybe around 10k? Some would say to look at higher strength games… I don’t know.)

You played well for someone who is into Go for about 2 weeks :slight_smile: Keep it up !

Here is your review, feel free to ask questions.


Thank you so much! I will. :smiley:

I have a curious question: what would have been a better move for Black 79?

What should I look for so I don’t give away free moves to my opponent?

Hi Toshirin,

You could try to use the OGS feature “estimate score” to see what the engine thinks is your territory. It is usually wrong (absolute value) but gives a good idea / better visibility at your level.

In general, you played much too safe during your game, which is why your opponent got to play annoying moves. My advice would be: play fearlessly, crash into the wall, and learn from it :wink:

For black 79, try C3 and eventually win the game if you defend the inside correctly.