Review Request - 22k vs anonymous

Hello all!

I played an anonymous game on some weird server called flyordie. Anyways, I played a game that I was pretty proud of, and I’d love to hear what a stronger player thinks I did well/could have done better. For reference, I’m a 22k on OGS currently.

Here is the game. I played black. If you would be interested in doing a live review on discord sometime this weekend, I’d be down for that. Otherwise, I look forward to your comments!

i can review this game for you later today if you would like

That would be fantastic!

I’m about a 10-9 kyu, it wont be able to catch everything, but i’ve looked through your game and can point out a few things for you.
I’ll be in a spot to help you out, in about 1.5 hours sound good?

2 hours might be better for me if that’s ok. I could start at 6pm eastern.

That works, I’ll add you on OGS