Review request 23k vs 15k on 9x9


I’m currently 23k and have almost won this game vs 15k (lost by 0.5 point). I think the beginning was pretty decent and I know I could have won if I have attacked better in the end. Could someone point me to the right direction?


This is coming from an 18k, but there were a few things I saw. First, a minor point, but I don’t believe your last move was necessary, and took a point of your own territory.

More importantly, however, you left some dame that would have forced white to fill in a point of their own territory. Specifically, if you had played A1, white would have to respond with C1.

I made my review. It’s coming from a 19k so perhaps something is wrong… any comment is welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you both very much for your replies!

@pbgarden The point with A1 will be something that I should remember from now on.

@lysnew your review was incredibly helpful. I have no idea how to attack territory, but your suggestions gave me a lot to think about.

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I think capturing the three H7 stones won’t work that easily. After you play H6 white can just play at H9 capturing J9. You then have to defend at G8 otherwise white will play there capturing H8 and creating another Atari for G9. If you don’t defend that and white captures with F9, the white group will even have to eyes. Similarly if you play any of these defending moves, white will be able to win the capture race.

However, it seems like black can combine both attacks and create a double Atari. I made a review here with my thoughts:

I’m also still new and very interested in comments.

Thank you @ponygol. :slight_smile:
You’re right, I haven’t seen the White move at H5 (move 37 on purple line in your revision).

I also missed the White reply at F4 that limits the invasion at the center.

Please notice that in your longest variations (move 45 on green line and move 47 on cyan line) it’s Black turn.
If Black plays H8 and then J9 he can now win the capture race.

It seems that White weaknesses can generate a lot of variations with different results. :slight_smile: