Review request 25 (?) vs 19kyu

Please review these games. Thanks

No comment about the game, but your opponent could/should be banned from the chat. IMHO.


Hey, I took a quick look at the first game:

I explain in the review but overall you need to:

  • Take a look at some basic shapes
  • Stop the contact play everywhere. Play from a distance, net…
  • Just try to read sometimes esp. in L&D

Your oppnent seems to be sandbagging and is extremely rude. You can totally report him, unless it is some weird friendly banter…

And lastly I am afraid that my reviews come up as too harsh, but I really mean no disrespect :smiley: I still remember my beginnings too. It’s just that I try to focus on the mistakes :slight_smile:


That is perfectly fine as i appreciate any and all constructive criticism. I appreciate you taking the time to review the game.

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