Review request 25k vs 19k 9x9

Hello! I’ve been playing and reading Go books for about 2 weeks, and would like to ask you for a review of this game. I felt I began quite well (as White), but I was clearly outplayed in the mid-game, and by the time I realised I was beaten (later than I’d have liked) and resigned, Black was up by 22.5 points.

Self-critique: I never invaded black’s territory, and presumably defended poorly when he invaded mine. But I felt I was starting to get some things right, connecting, trying to make eyes, and had a decent-size group which was alive at the end. I was able to think about where black would like to play next, and play there myself some of the time. But I was on the back foot the whole time.

What else would you observe? Any good points at all? Any beginner errors you can see?

Posted a few ideas.

heres a review :slight_smile:.
any questions are most welcome!


Thank you @kickaha especially for the review (and for not being to hard on my mistakes!), and @smurph and @theHeaT for your comments. That’s really helpful!

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Great review. I learned a lot from it. Good theme.

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I really enjoyed this review kickaha. I understand the concepts already but I love seeing the examples of weakness and stronger move possibilities. I think you did a great job and I really appreciate you taking the time. You rock ^_-