Review request 2K vs 2K

Hi people! Can you please review this game? I was white here.

I’m stuck at 2–4K, maybe you will give me some advices how to rise my level.

Thank you!


Don’t have time to check the game right now but I wanted to mention that I don’t see The Glass Bead Game referenced all that often!


The AI review is already showing the most important issues. You played a territorial game, but why didn’t you play at O2 on move 54 or move 56?
Move 56 and 58 look like jealous moves to me. Those moves gave the lead to your opponent.

Luckily, your opponent played overaggressively with move 101-139 to give you the lead, and you kept that lead until he resigned.

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The OP was about the score estimates of an AI, as in OGS’ post-game AI review.

The post-game AI score estimation is far superior to the in-game Score Estimator. The AI is much stronger than any human.

On the other hand you have the in-game Score Estimator, which is “stupid” by design. It doesn’t really understand life-and-death, so you cannot use its assessment to help you reading out life-and-death. If it were able to accurately assess life-and-death, you would not be allowed to use it in-game, because that would amount to cheating.

The flaws of the in-game Score Estimator also mean that you cannot really trust it to decide if you should resign or not. Its estimation can be totally wrong.

For these reasons I would even recommend against using the Score Estimator at all. Learn to judge the game by yourself and learn to trust your own judgement.

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