Review request 6 kyu (particularly opening and direction of play)

Hello friends!

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand my shortcomings in this game. Both of my mid game invasions failed in epic fashion.

I actually managed to win this game through some late game trickery, but don’t let that fool you. My opening + mid game was terrible!

Any advise or tips very much appreciated.


Here’s some opening stuff.

Actually, I think you did perfectly ok in the opening. It was pretty much even going into the first fight on the lower side, but you came out ahead in that fight so there’s not too much to talk about there. Still I wrote some things down because why not?

EDIT: I fleshed out the commentary a little for @GreenAsJade

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I appreciated your review. There were a couple of places where you said “mistake” and “questionable”. If you would be able to add why, that’d be great.

That is awesome, very insightful and helps me a lot.

thank you very much, mark!

can black 15: clamp on P3 in 14: attach variation? If white really wants the corner it will be at terrible cost.

Thanks that was great!

Those things you pointed out … so infuriatingly obvious once they are pointed out, but not before!!!

Good thought. I wouldn’t say it comes at a terrible cost to White though. White would probably stand up at Q4, and then Black has so many weaknesses in the shape that White is sure to get something good, even if Black ultimately chooses what that something is.

actually I though about following it with P4 “I want bottom side, do you want corner at a cost, some center influence for corner or massive fight?”- it leads (unless I missed something important) to some very long fighting variations far beyond reliability of my reading skill, but R3 stone is surpisingly usefull - Q2 forms nets if white cuts to center, can drag corner fights north damaging right base, hurts eyeshapes and plays role in crazy fighting variations where Q2 is sacrificed to seal in sente leaving several weaknesses.

That’s pretty strange! I had imagined a kind of simple variation where White takes the corner without worry. I added that to the review just now. If you have other questions, maybe it’s best to put them in the review as variations and send me a PM so I know it’s there.