Review request 6k vs 3k

Hi everyone,

I’ve been taking a break for a few months because of time and I’m just retaking it. It’s amazing how so little time away from the game can affect your skills! Anyway because of this I’d like to request a review for a game I just played, and won although I believe I really shouldn’t have.

I actually like how I played in this game, influence oriented and not afraid of letting go of some groups when needed. Very much so trying to follow the basic series from Dwyrin. However I did make some pretty huge mistakes loosing the bottom left corner at the beginning (gaining some good influence in the exchange though) and later on failing to capture the top AND dying in the process…

Please have a look and let me know your thoughts. I’m playing as Black but I’d appreciate input for both players as I feel this was a game full of mistakes on both parts. Thanks a lot in advance (and happy new year!)

i did one . hope its helpful

Thanks a lot, I agree with many of the moves that I should’ve made… this was most definitely a loosing game for me, but somehow tables turned around :slight_smile: