Review request 7kyu vs 5kyu

Hello fine go fans,

i played a game here recently, where i did pretty good actually (imv) till the move 87 i THINK.

So my question here are two things:

→ How should i play, when opponent try to split with move 86? ( I see this kinda invasion a lot and most often i misshandle the situation - I made some suggestion myself)

_> Two: How should i had played till the sequence starting around 86, i kinda saw, that white is up to build a huge middle framework, which i tried to reduce in the follwing sequences. I the end i came up with two groups, which had trouble to get out^^ (See F7 and L9 group at around move 129)

Big big thanks for any suggestion and future play!!

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I looked again and maybe i just should had extend out with M5 ^^

You can read this: Low invasion of mixed three-space extension at Sensei's Library

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I think you need to eye up the cut at E6.

If you want to answer straight away, you could think of just descending with just k3 and let them jump at m5. There might still be the idea to connect under if you need to but just start at fight with E6.

White needs to then look after two groups for the next while since Black is already strong around.

Otherwise once white Atari’d M4, extending looks better. It should be very hard for white to find the time to save the one stone at N4 and also attack Black stones in the middle. Then you’ll have reduced the centre if the stone at N4 is captured.

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Also, general remark : you invade too deeply (e.g. moves 99, 101, 111) and end up giving away your invading stones. Try to be more patient, play at the border of the moyo and then reduce little by little.

For instance, move 111 at K10 or M12 would be more reasonable. You don’t have to be afraid of the moyo, it is still wide open, there are still several points of entry.

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Shape up has this shape variances too.

Only under very limited scenario, like the center value becomes very limited, one connects under.

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