Review request 8 vs 6 kyu

Hello! I played this game and I would like some comments on it please.

Here are some thoughts of mine:

  1. Move 19, would q14 be good. Let him the corner and take influence, since the corner is relatively small (I think)
  2. Move 31: Counter attack. I feel now that this one isn’t the best one. Is that an efficient counter?
  3. Obviously, move 51: the double hane doesn’t work. But I was afraid that lower rigt was becoming too big
  4. Move 79: Is it the biggest on the board right now? I didn’t want my center group to be surrounded.
  5. Cut at 119. Maybe the cut was on the wrong side, but other cut weakens my corner. Maybe no cut would be better?
  6. Move 143: The game is over. I should have resigned there


Move 19: Your thinking here looks right. See

Move 31: A diagonal hit at Q9 or a pincer at Q7 are my first thoughts but the game move worked well enough.

Move 51: As you say, double hane does not work. It seems too obvious to mention but you should avoid playing moves that do not work. Stretching out would have been stronger. You can always hit 3-3 later as in the game.

Move 55: You did not identify this as a mistake but it is a big one. A ponnuki is too valuable to allow. I would much rather sacrifice 3 stones and connect to prevent the ponnuki and gain entrance into the lower side area.

Move 59: Why not push through the knight? I do not understand your choice here.

Move 79: Yes, I would play this too.

Move 83: Bad pushing from behind. You should have played one of the two knight’s moves instead.

Move 91: Defend the left side at G18 here.

Move 103: I prefer a net or a one-space jump from your lower group.