Review request 8k vs 7k

I lost as black here.

I feel that I started quite fine but then lost control of the situation, which I find happens to me quite often. I appreciate any advise and helpful commentary.



Will just leave a brief commentary here. Your top right was kinda equal (his territory wasnt too big and your influence wasnt too powerful). Your top left side’s exchange was not equal locally but could work well with your moyo strategy. His territory was definitely of more value than your wall. Your bottom left group was lucky to get alive really. So with all that influence your actual hope was the centre and the right side, which you really messed up. The bottom middle right W group could still have been attacked as it didn’t have 2 eyes yet to help your right corner. Looking at J2.

Key Mistake 1: Failed to attack right side W severely which destroyed your right side.
Key Mistake 2: Tried to kill left mid side W with ineffective moves and helped W to destroy your precious centre. Should have just focused on centre straight like F11 at move 129

Your mistake 2 could be improved immediately as it’s a strategy error. Mistake 1 is a matter of tactics that you’ll have to develop yourself. Nice endgame sacrifice for the centre though at that point W’s side and overall points were far too large and your centre was really tiny in comparison.

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I made one :wink:

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Thank you both of you! Your reviews are very helpful.

This was a fast blitz with only 10 byo-yomis of 10 seconds each (I lost on time but the game was already resignable at that point), which explains some mistakes by both players, and apparent impatience during the game :P.

A tiny few of the marked mistakes I noticed during the game a few seconds after playing them, but for most of them, the clear explanation of intentions and available options that you show are very useful to try to set my way of thinking for future games and try to avoid similar mistakes :smile:

Thank you very much!!!

Oh I see, so it was a blitz game, understandable then :smile:
I also just realized I reviewed another game of yours before too. Congrats on making 8k in such short amount of time! :sunny:

Thanks! :smile:

I started playing almost entirely blitz online, because

  1. It’s so much easier to find some time for playing online that way :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I (still) tend to take a lot of time to think on live face to face matches (I almost always end up being in my very last byo yomis in tournaments on every single match, no matter the opponent level), even in casual ones. If I go to the go club to play casual, it often happens that others play 2 or even three casual games that day, and I find myself playing only one long game. My opponent is often “lured” into taking their time also, so the result is simply slower paced games (except for a few players that always play really fast. Against those, I feel bad taking so much time myself and I am lured into playing faster). So I think that practising some blitz could be interesting for more variation.

That said, I find many blitz games to be helpful and interesting (like this one) even if more mistakes come up compared to longer games. And it is true that I still have to work a lot on my global goban strategy.