Review request (9k vs 15k) + understanding Leela

I played a live game yesterday. I’m not very used to it, especially online.
Anyway, I would like any comment about the game.I was white.

Later I reviewed it using Leela to look at her (“her”? “it’s”?) suggested moves and compare with mine.
Here is the review:

Sometimes I can’t understand Leela’s evaluations. In this case she says that, in the later part of the game, I was ahead since move 188, while it seems to me that black had more territory until move 204 and that I could win only thanks to black’s mistakes since then.

Here is the “Winning rate” chart according to Leela:

Could you explain this?

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I made a few comments on your review, and it seems you missed a few rather large attacks that could have given you an easy win… However, I can understand why you didn’t because they’re not easy to spot.


Neat graph! How do you review a game using Leela?

Download SGF file, open it with Leela, switch on analysis, watch “best moves” by Leela and compare with yours.

Then you have to try to read Leela’s mind, because she never explain her choices. :wink:


Sorry for my naivete, but I only know Leela as a really strong bot that plays on OGS. How would I open an SGF with Leela? Is it also a downloadable application?


only thing to add is that to have a decent and fast result it is nice to have a decent GPU. Otherwise it can take some time to simulate all the variations.


Thanks a lot.
The huge attack is huge indeed! Threatening a snapback is smart! I would never see it, but now you’ve pointed out and I’ll try to remember it.

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Don’t worry. Even 4d+ on IGS sometimes fail to see snapback. :joy:

Posted a few variations for fun… b has ways to fail spectacularly and others to mitigate the damage… peruse at your leisure.

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