Review request - 9k vs 15k

This is my first 19x19 correspondence, Analysis Disabled game. I took it so seriously that I wrote to myself my thoughts, plans and possible sequences for most of the moves in a separate document. I also reviewed my game:

Move 34: Was this peep good? Although it turned out to be a crucial move for capturing the left black group, it seems aimless now.

Move 66: It was a bad move, and I think black could have even ignored it (see variations in the review).

Move 70: I think it was a mistake, and black could have easily cut me in K10, but he didn’t (see variation).

The game-changing move was 108. After that cut, I don’t think black could’ve saved his group.

But the move I’m really proud of is 136. I feared that black would capture my stone in B8 and make a second eye there; if I would have protected that stone, he could have dragged me into a Ko fight, in which the chances weren’t in my favor (see variation). But then I realized that I can let him capture B8 and still prevent him from making a second eye there, and that’s what I did.

Thank you.


No, the peep wasn’t that good. It had uncertain value, and other moves were more urgent. The peep does poke at potential eye space. But you could have peeped from the other side. That peep secures the left side area, supports future movement into the corner, and reminds me of When it’s not clear which peep is better, don’t peep until it becomes clearer. In any event, you put the cart before the horse. Before poking out eye space, the more fundamental idea for capturing a group is removing the base. So H17 comes to mind before either peep. That would have secured your upper group too. The AI suggests F3 and F4 because that’s an unfinished joseki—black and white are locked in a pushing battle—so it’s also urgent.

I agree. The AI suggestions are also mine. C17 removes the base (see above). And R9 is the more normal reduction for the right side area. But I applaud your creative spirit in looking for nonstandard moves.

Yes, the AI flagged good alternatives with C17 (see above) or cutting either side following up on your previous move. Even if Black didn’t cut after your attachment, attaching will strengthen the black area when it had bad aji inside. Forcing Black to defend it would also take care of the aji, which is not pro-like. If you’re a pro, you want to keep the aji alive at any cost. Make your opponent worry as much as possible. Fill their shoes with as many pebbles as possible and make them uncomfortable. Then they’re more likely to waste moves securing the area or allow a bad counterattack by you

The AI came up with a refutation. Black messed up at move 123. And your move 116 should have been at A18. But that cut is nasty no doubt. And it’s the kind of move that makes kyu players make mistakes. Good on you for finding it!