Review request, 9k vs 9k

This was a Blitz Game that I ended up losing by time (sometimes I just can’t stop myself leisurely starting to think on a game situation, and then I very often find that the time runs out :stuck_out_tongue: ). However I think that by the point I lost by time, the situation suggest that I was like 20 points down.

I have the feeling that I started pretty well in the fuseki, creating large mojos and leaving black with a weak group, but then screwed things up, so I would appreciate a stronger player’s opinion on that.

One place I clearly screwed up is in the 3-3 invasion, where I screwed up the move order and ended up dead instead of creating a ko. However since the invasion would be ko I don’t think that alone is enough to justify losing the game, so I guess I also screwed up the utilization of my influence towards the center.