Review request around 14K

Hi everyone.
I played a game I won by resignation, but feels like a defeat. I managed very poorly and I would apreciate some advice to improve my game.

I find myself catched in early fights (that i dislike :smile: ) and i feel i dont choose the right moment for descent to local fight level and, once there, i fight very poorly. Not just in this game, but as a general impression from my last games.

I would appreciate any kind of help. Thanks in advance.

Here’s my review of your game:

My biggest feedback would be to make sure your groups are alive! Your huge dragon on the left was probably killable from roughly move 126 to move 196. Losing that would’ve definitely lost you the game. Make sure you can make two eyes before playing elsewhere, and keep an eye out for how your opponent can falsify or destroy your eyes.

Also try to make sure that your groups give you territory. That big dragon ended up being worth 2 points of territory, and in the process of building it, you gave your opponent a huge fourth-line moyo spanning almost the entire left side of the board. This stemmed from move 29, which gave your opponent a target to attack without giving you any room to make a base or claim territory. Even if that group lives, you’re giving your opponent strong groups and influence around it, without really getting anything in return.

In general, first think about whether or not you have an urgent move. That is, do you have a move that’s necessary to make right now? If nothing would severely harm your opponent or stop them from severely harming you, look for the biggest open spaces on the board and play there. That’s where most of the remaining points are. Expanding your frameworks into wide open spaces is a great way to try for some points, without getting bogged down in local fights.


Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I added a few variation pointing out some critical life and death moments.

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Thank you spatula