Review request : Beginner 9x9 games

It’s my first time playing in here and also, I’ve just started learning go for roughly more than a week. Today, I played a non ranked game against a 17k player. In my opinion, because it is not a ranked game and knowing me as beginner, he might not have played all his strength. So I won the game but my guess would be pure luck on my side and his sportsmanship.The others are losses but I believe with better consideration, I might save them. So I would love some other good players to have a review of the game as how I should have done better. I believe it is a time consuming process so your effort is much appreciated.
Here are the game:
non ranked game 9x9

Ranked game 25k (me) vs 21k

Ranked game 25k (me) vs 25k

Thank you for your time and effort,

He’s not really a 17k. On this website, when you choose that you’ve played a bit of Go, you’re automatically put in as a 17k. In fact, he looks like a beginner as well. I think you played pretty well that game regardless.

You can review your own games. Even if you aren’t that strong, if you look at your games and where you felt like something you played was wrong, you can start to look for ways to fix it. You can ask yourself why something you did didn’t work or how your stones got captured. There is absolutely no reason you can’t learn by yourself. It would actually be more beneficial if you are an absolute beginner to review your own games.

Lets look at your 25k vs 21k game for an example. Ask yourself why your stones at g16 got captured. Ask yourself if that stone can even live.

You can add me if you want some more help.

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Thank you for the reply. I believe you mean the 3 stones at G6-J6? I think my 27 move is a big mistake. Should have put it at H5 instead. I might still lose the game but with lesser margin if I didn’t mess it up.

yeah, I doubt if your opponent took it easy on a beginner. Go players are not known for being kind :smile:

I Was Serius about that Game ^^

Then it was my beginner luck :D.