Review request blitz 10k vs double that basically

Here’s a bloodbath for your consideration

-Blitz, I panicked at some points.
-My opponent seemed nice enough to let me experiment a bit in the end.

How can I stop dying, thank you.

(Yes, 3-3 will chase me forever, I know.)

I left a few comments (my first instinct not checked with AI so may be incorrect).


  • you died on the bottom left because you didn’t play the shape move G3, thus exposing the cutting point E4.
  • you died on the right because you let your opponent place too many stones before playing there. Once you are outnumbered, it’s hard to survive in a hostile environment.
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Thank you, I will check all the comments.

(I usually prefer instinct to AI comments, people tend to explain them better :wink::slightly_smiling_face:)

i think that you should first think of connecting your seeds before you experiment.