Review request DDK vs DDK


i would appriciate somebody commenting on my game. I did some notes myself.

Basic issues are:

-> Basic opening for example move C6 on 17 playable or R16 right after white N16 on move 21?! ( Is there any other move, how to make a Kikashi more efficient, like Aji?!

-> What about the sequence played from 25 to around 37 ( should i played like my option or better to finish first the joseki with move25 on R11?!

-> I think i should also cut on K15 directly (I think N4 on move 37 feels not right?!)

-> I think it would had been better to connect after the Nozoki on move 45? ( My thought process here was to give white some influence, while securing some territory on left bottom and bottom middle?

-> Last point would be my invasion at D11 on move 55 and maybe a little comment on how i should had dealed after white move 104 ( I feld, that i couldnt made use of my walls?! ( I think i lost the game here ??!)

Would really higly appriciate somebody commenting on this game. Would even more appriciate, on what specific thinks i should work on in the future!!

BIG BIG Thanks to everybody, Greets =)