Review request DDK vs SDK

Hello fellow Go Community,

I have one more game here, which I would like to have somebody comment on.

This game I tried to play as black the Sanrennsai opening, which (I think) I messed up completely.

I have made some comments already. Would appreciate most likely, how you can build in this opening. With reference to that I think that blacks move 13 on D6 was the wrong idea to build a MOJO??!
The playout till around move 32 looks not bad for b, but maybe too thick to bottom middle and right stone??!

Last point I would some comment on is white move 82. Should black here play maybe on P5 instead of (I know the joseki pattern at O3) at move 81??!

Thanks so much to you all!!!

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85: a 20% drop from 88% (just block at M6) to 67% for B.

87: another 20% drop. What are you trying to do with this move?
First you missed blocking at M6 on 85, and now you don’t block when W pushes.

B’s winrate dropped from almost 90% (just block at M6 on 85) to just 20% by move 91.

Notice this big drop takes just six moves and has nothing to do with your opening, sanrensei or otherwise.

You forgot the very basic guideline: corners > sides > center. It’s very difficult to build the center for your board – see moves 85 to 91.

It’s moyo:

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I was leaving some comments but I accidentally deleted the main branch (game variation) while doing this on phone. I didn’t know you could do that - it’s not really a feature I can see myself wanting.

Now I really just want a feature to copy branches from one game/tab to another or restore the main branch in a review…

Someone else maybe can comment from move 80+ so :slight_smile:


I left some comment in the game. Yes, indeed D6 was is the wrong direction imho. It is an invasion (or maybe a reduction being on the fourth line) rather than an extension of your mojo. Moreover you left in the top right two groups in danger that should have priority (one of the two at least) before tenuki.

Probably the sequence 30-36 was the key of the game. There, at the end with P13, white preannounce the intention to reduce b down on the right side, and doing so is forcing b to play in the center.