Review request (DDKs 19x19)

Now I’m jealous, you get advice from so many D players. Now the pressure is on you, lol

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You have no idea and I’m serious.

(also maybe post more games for reviews people, the system is open and willing it’s too bad it’s only getting my games)

Yes B increses the liberties of blacks group from 3 to four.

I thought about an intuitive reason why B works and A doesn’t, but I believe it would be more confusing than helpful, if anything. My perspective is, it’s really just a matter of figuring out the possible follow-ups.

After Black A, the variation in the game shows that Black gets captured.

After Black B then White A is a logical move, because it extends Whites liberties while reducing Blacks. But the problem is that Black follows up with P2, which does the same thing and puts Black at 3 liberties, and White at 2. Afterwards there are only moves that fill a single liberty, so Black wins the capturing race.

After Black B, any other attempt by White to rescue the two stones also fails after few moves.

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