Review request: double sanrensei (3k vs 4k)

Hello there,

I’m kindly asking for someone who is available to take a look at this game and give me some feedback on my biggest mistakes made here. From the beginning of the game I felt like I was behind and managed to reduce the difference somewhat but still ended up losing for 3.5 points. Please let me know what do you think:

Thank you in advance,

I’m not good enough to review your game, but I can tell you that Leela thinks your biggest mistake was move 23 at K4 and white’s followup on move 24 was perfect. That put you behind.

Leela says your second biggest mistake was your extension on move 61. You should instead have protected the gap in the lower right corner. White capitalized on your mistake by invading there on move 62.

Another interesting one, move 95. Leela really wanted to see you clamp at B6. Leela was begging you to make that move all the way up until white finally occupied it. Leela thinks you could have cut the white group in half by playing that move and then pushing up to the whole near the center.

I’m going to have to remember that last one. Clamping on the hane stone is pretty powerful sometimes I guess.


That’s interesting, I agree that extension at 61 was too much but I was afraid of the turn and white building yet another big area difficult to invade. Yet after finishing the (painful) sequence at the bottom right I didn’t find my follow up big enough anymore.

I did consider the clamp at B6 but because of white’s extra liberty at E3 I couldn’t figure out a way to take advantage of the aji. Clamps are usually a good move but I guess this one did require a bit of reading to use all the aji.

Thanks for the tips!

Those moves Leela flagged were weird to me too. 23/24 seemed to help White. I didn’t see its purpose. And the kick-extend pattern in the lower right corner is so common it’s pretty much reflexive and weird when it doesn’t happen. I think sometimes you have trouble judging what moves are bigger than others.

Thank you for the review you made very good points to work on, it’s clear that I do have some trouble finding the biggest move and I really felt it during this game, so I’ll be more careful with this and also leaving unfinished sequences…

Thanks again,