Review request for 4 games

I seem to have a problem with allowing my opponent to create large moyos or groups, especially in the beginning of the game. I have no idea how to prevent this/ penetrate those boxed in areas or strong groups. Im getting obliterated left and right, but that is partially because of bad reading and not being 100% focused. Outside of that, i am a bit lost on how to handle some of these large groups/moyos. Any insight and additional criticism would be helpful. Thanks

Dropped a few variations in all but the last (sry but there are no moyos in 9x9). If you change your openings slightly, you can prevent moyos fairly easily.

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Will definitely work on that. Thanks for taking the time out to review the games.

I really recommend Dwyrin’s Back to Basics series. Watch those with a view to learning how to chose “what is the next big move?”.

They focus pretty much on the exact problem you’re having.

In both the 19x19 games each time just before the moyo started I saw “small moves”.

I left a few comments, though I’m only 14k so they’re by no means definitive, just maybe indicative of the thinking!


I don’t know that I’m strong enough to comment much but I looked at your game vs CraigNourie and it reminded me of this video: Hope it helps.


Thank you for Patreon sponsoring Dwyrin. I enjoy his videos greatly, too, GaJ :-))


I reviewed game 3:

I recommend browsing the Beginner Study Section at Sensei’s Library. You seem a bit light on the fundamentals, and knowing them could really transform your game, I think.

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I think you did tell me this before, but i had completely forgot about it; will definitely need to watch them. Any constructive criticism is always good.

I think this may be my biggest problem as well. There are a few books I need to read and videos I need to watch, so that will get me up to speed. Thank you for taking the time out to review the game