Review request from 15k

This was my least favorite kind of opponent. The sort of player who doesn’t want you to get anything. I usually have trouble against this style of play and didn’t fare too well here. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I play as white.


Here are some comments about the early game :

I think you resigned t bit early :slight_smile: Look at the comments I made at the end of the game. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions!


Thanks! I really appreciate it.

Oh man. I totally misread that life and death.

move 26 is an overplay. it invites black to push through the gap and separate you. one line higher keeping you connected is better. You may have thought you were playing on a vital point of black’s, but if you haven’t surrounded him its meaningless. This is typical of your moves throughout the game.
First be connected yourself
second surround the opponent
third reduce opponents space from outside
finally play big point elsewhere or occasionally you may play inside to kill.
With regard to surrounding, its a bit like herding sheep: If you get too close the sheep escape through the gaps. You have to encircle loosely from a distance. Remember with equal play its normal for both players to SHARE the board