Review request IRL 12k vs 14k (OGS 8k vs 14k)

Hi there!

Here is a game I played against a friend at the Italian Championship last weekend.
According to European Go Database we were 12k (me) vs 14k (him).
On OGS our rank is different, especially mine. I don’t know why. Maybe because I play only correspondence games on OGS and can’t play very often live (both on OGS and in real life).

Anyway, here is the game.
It’s quite a silly game, full of mistakes, especially mines, but I’d like to have some suggestions and advice for me and my friend, who occasionally reads this forum.

I also made a review to write down some thoughts and explain some moves.

Well, I am usually not comfortable reviewing complicated fighty games (esp. for almost an equally ranked player), but since nobody else seems to wanna take a stab at it - here are my ideas to ponder upon:

and to hook you in - I think the game is still winnable, had you not passed :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your review is lot of fun! Thanks! :smiley:

Timesetting where confy: 1:15 main time + 5 byoyomi periods. We ended way before byoyomi.
There are no excuses: I just played badly and few of your remarks are already in my review.

I am actually lazy to read and when I read I do it wrong (especially after white 236!), so maybe it’s better this way! :slight_smile:
But you pointed some situation that made me think about my attitude: I don’t read and then waste moves or lose opportunities.
Also pointless move 209 is due to bad reading: after white 208 I read a possible connect-and-die and made that move to fix it. Now I see that I was wrong.

So perhaps I should improve my reading skills… :sweat_smile:

thank you @AdamR for this revision, it’s been helpful for me too. (I am the white player)


Vow, move to kill lower left group was amazing, shown in review. That might have won the game.