Review Request new player vs 25k 19x19

Hello, I watched more on Go than actually playing games, so I don’t have a lot of experience with playing against humans. I was black and felt somewhat comfortable for the beginning. However, I am not really sure about when to cut and how to approach and reduce territory. In the game, I ended up making a lot of extra stone sacrifices that was probably unnecessary. I even made a blunder on the left side that I think further cost me the game - even though I felt in control of the end game. Any tips and flaws that anyone can point out about my game is appreciated. This was my first (completed) 19x19 game, so I feel really motivated to know how to play better.

Here I left a few comments until move 100 or so. I actually like how you played this game in the beginning, very calm and taking territory slowly and reinforcing your position, very nice! You will with practice get to see where the bigger moves are, which stones are worth sacrificing to gain more elsewhere on the board, etc. Usually moyos (aka area of influence) are not as scary as they look, but in this game you waited too long to invade it and white was already solid.

However for being the first game this is pretty impressive, good job!

Thank you! Very helpful advice. I will definitely use this in my future games.

ZenModeOn is much better than me, but I figured I would point out a couple of major issues that might have turned the tide of the game.

Actually those are very valid points to note and that I completely ignored! Don’t let the rank tell the difference between whose better at the game, it’s often deceiving :slight_smile: