Review request - newbie 9x9 (21k vs 18k)

Hi - total newbie here. Could someone review this 9x9 game for me? (I played white)

I felt as though I was doing relatively OK at the start of this one, but suddenly found myself well behind and then couldn’t salvage it. I think I was about 15 points down when I resigned.

I had a look through it, but since it’s one of my first games I don’t know how to do a proper review. I have a feeling that the problem was making too many “small” moves and letting my opponent take the initiative.

Any help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Actually when you resigned you were 81 points behind. I have posted some variation in the game and its review, hope it helps.

The late game was a capture race and you have sealed your doom by closing your own dames. You could have won if you managed to captured Black’s reversed L shape on the top, otherwise your top left group dies and middle follows shortly.

So the main thing is to secure two eyes for your groups