Review request: reduction 10k


I’d like to request a review of this game with particular regard on the best way to reduce black’s large area on the right.

I didn’t have any better idea than a normal approach to the 4/4 stone, but that worked out not so well. While I did get to settle with a decent corner I felt that more should have been possible. Am I wrong and should be satisfied with that outcome, or how would you go about reducing Black’s potential in the area?

I made a quick review:

The biggest problem in this game wasn’t the way you handled the right side, as you got a fine result there. There are more glaring problems in the sequences that were played in the bottom left and bottom right corners in the early game. Both players made a lot of basic tactical mistakes in these corners. I think you can benefit more by studying what happened in these corners rather than pondering about the right side.

As for the right side itself, your move was fine, since both the corner and the side were still very open. It was maybe just a bit too late for my taste. Since black was so strong all around, you couldn’t really expect a better result.

In addition to VincentCB’s excellent review, I feel I should say that I would play the same spot as you in that situation. That being said, jumping out is almost certainly wrong because black can just kick your stone and prevent the corner stuff that happened there. You got away with too much. You should have just dived into the corner and played out VincentCB’s joseki for the lower left, I think, and the result is good enough for white.