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Hello fine folks,

would appriciate some comments about this game:

Das Spiel ist beendet (


  • Generell opening
  • Invasion, move 29 (Here i would appriciate maybe some ways how to play different, -> Tried to make sabaki, but i think i failed…See my own suggestions??/ Think losing top left was too much too handle for b??)
  • Generell midgame and endgame strategy


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I put in a review underneath with some comments on the moves and some variations. I hope you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:


The AI review shows that you both played well in the opening up to move 35.

The first clear mistake is white’s move 36. Capturing that black stone is small, it loses sente and it doesn’t affect the safety of any group.

But black’s move 37 and 39 don’t make much sense to me. Just atari at D11 without those exchanges and then defend the upper side. The problem of those exchanges is that they severely weaken E17 (black is creating a family feud). And instead of going back to defend it at move F17 on move 45, black plays a gote move at C11, allowing white F17.

So in a space of 10 moves, from move 36 to move 46, black gave white the lead (about 8 points according to the AI review).

White then starts an unneccessary fight on move 60 by running with his G14, but white fights a bit stronger than black, so he expands his lead to about 20 points.

Apparently white is aware that he is leading comfortably, because from move 98 he starts playing ultra defensively, allowing black to close the gap. By move 107, white’s lead has decreases to 8 points.

But then white plays better endgame than black, so his lead increases again to about 15 points by move 136.

Black’s move 137 gives white an opportunity to push at E3 and cut at F2 to expand his lead to 25 points. But white keeps missing this until he accidentally resolves the issue in black’s favour on move 164, so white’s lead is then fixed again around 15 points.

Black’s move 185 gives white an opportunity to kill some stones with a wedge at J16 to expand his lead to about 40 points. But white misses it, so his lead is fixed again around 15 points.

From that point on, it’s just normal endgame and white wins by 15.5 points.