Review Request vs 3 Dan (6 stone handicap)

Hi. I just recently started playing go and am at a decent position for a beginner now (18-19k). I have been studying go quite a bit but am still in the process of finishing my books.

Yesterday i played against my dad who is pretty damn good at go. he hasn’t played for years but he’s still sharp. He said he would give me a 6 stone advantage and i thought ‘there is no way i’m going to lose with that lol’ so we played. and i lost both matches.

the problem was, i didn’t know what in the heck i was doing most the times because his moves were so weird and confusing. i would ask my dad to do a review for me if he was right in front of me but he is currently overseas. if anyone could review these games for me, that would be great.

game 1:
game 2:

Your games are private and can’t be opened

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apologies. please ignore then. i don’t know how to unlock the game.

maybe you can try to fork the game?

Do you have any new links to the games?