Review request

I just finished this game

I won’t ask for too much of anyone’s time, I have two questions:

  • Move 190, how can white save the group on the right? I’m trying to find my way around AI, but M8 or T14? I can’t see it. Or did it abandon it? If so, why would that be?
  • I usually just use autoscore (yes, I know, I must improve), but it’s more than 50 points difference between when I passed (which I can’t find a way to revisit to compare) and the final result. Did I miss something obvious or is it an AI thing?

AI is suggesting T14 to take the black group.

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Not sure if you got all the answers yet, but

Simply capturing at T14 saves the group. However, White is so far ahead at that point that it does not matter in the slightest. Most bots do not care about point difference, only win/loss. And since both moves retain basically 100% chance to win regardless of whether that group lives or dies, it does not really matter to the bot.

You can use score estimate on any move in the analysis. I cannot be sure what you saw, but the difference probably came from the L3 group being misscored. It should actually be marked as dead as K5 is a false eye. But yeah, the score estimator is quite unreliable in some situations and it is best to quickly check whether all groups are marked correctly.

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I’m highly philosophical. :woman_shrugging:

Also, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made a more full review for you ^^

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Thank you!!!

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The answer to the first question is simple. When black plays t10, how many liberties does that group of stones have left?