Review request

In this game

it seems to fall apart around move 27, but I can’t tell why.

AI seems bent on that top right corner and this doesn’t help me, because I don’t understand what’s wrong locally, to the left.

It would help if you specified what exactly you mean by fall apart. What you don’t like about what happened there?

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The percentage keeps dropping, but other than AI’s insistence for top right corner, I can’t tell what’s going on.

I always think that score is more meaningful than percentage for players who are not professionals or very strong amateurs. I’ve seen many others express the same opinion.

To be honest, I’m looking at your game and I have to agree with the AI (I’m at move 50 something) that you seem to be in the dominant position the whole time. My only guess is that you think is falling apart because White is getting some territory, but unless you want White to have no score at all, that is pretty normal, you had influence everywhere.

The AI keeps insisting on the corner for circumstantial reasons, I guess. I think it reckons there is no bigger move, which is actually pretty telling. The exchanges by which you think you are losing a lot, were probably small exchanges of points.

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I really wondered why you did resign. You still did (in my humble opinion) have a chance on winning this game. This game still could have gone either way.
Maybe you were focussed too much on the dropping win ratio?

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I resigned that game because I went on vacation and it was a fast correspondence tournament.
Although I had DQ’d, rules are rules.

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Hm, probably that’s it and I need to get used to AI reviews again, after my break.

Just a note: around move 160 you really should play in that corner to live. If you do you’d have a clear score lead. If you don’t then the score evens out.

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What I would point in this game is to not overdoing. You can’t waste moves and for example kill already killed stones. You lose a lot doing this, w got time to annex a lot in the upper right which was under your dominance.

It’s not an easy advice to apply but it’s a necessary step to take.

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