Review Request

Hey folks, If anyone has the time I’d really appreciate a review of a game. I played as white.

Specifically I would like some help or suggestions on how to better react to the invasions at move 37, and then 85. Although of course I’d also be grateful to hear any other ideas on what I might have missed / how to improve my play etc. Thanks in advance.

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too bad internet for full review, just saying R10 would be more powerful at S10 (called double hane)

N12 better as O10


It does offer a trade though to give Black a ponnuki on the side.

I might try to do a review later on. It looks like an interesting game to review.

Edit: I’ve left some ideas.

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At 38, maybe N12 or O11? Maybe M11? Note that this stone HAS to run, it has no good threatening power and no way to make a base. Be harsher - even if the stones escape you should gain a command of the center of the board by chasing them.

52: L8

76: E13 to seal black in. 78: F13 to seal black in.

82: F13 still.

Overall I think you did a great job of attacking black, forcing his groups to live very small without many points. At move 90, D8 would be a way to keep up that same spirit, pressing black flat along the left side. After that, switch your attention to the bottom.

Move 100 gets you nothing. B7 would be a better way of cashing out the aji.

Before K5 at 122, what about N4? You have a chance to press black flat again while also building points in the middle.

132: S3 is better. Also, eye up G12 before switching to Q13


Many thanks. I have a busy weekend with work coming up so will wait until I have the time to properly go through the reviews and digest all the advice you have all given. Its something to look forward to and help me through the weekend. :blush: