Review requests: Road to SDK, need some advise

I need someone to review my games.

First game:
I thought the game was favor to black. But end up white wins by 47.5 points, why?

Second game:
Lose by 38.5 points, the result is worse than I expected. I thought it will be lose by 15 points or something.

I will be very appreciated if you can point out my mistakes/weaknesses.

in first game:
most of the moves in the fuseki look good.
r15 looks wrong, o14 looks better.
f15 (tenuki) seems bad, you should help the q16 group
you must save the q14 stones
d13 may be ok locally, but you should help the weak group at f17, with c17 or f15.
c3 looks wrong. help the weak c6 group
e3 - not too bad a result for black, but black has 2 weak groups in the lower left corner.
g16 almost conacts a weak stone. c17 is probably better or maybe f15.
h16 too early for this, maybe g14 is better.
l3- should be closer to weak group in lower left corner. maybe f3
b3 - maybe f2 is better
b2 is bad. connect at e2
p8 seems heavy - maybe something lighter like o11.
3 of your corner groups were very small leading to a big loss.

second game:
most of the moves in the fuseki look good.
k16 is not the biggest area. k3 is a big area.
j4 - better to play h2 - easier to stay connected
c12 is small. and it is too close to your strong group.
l5 is small - help n11 stone instead. l6 and k5 are small also. help weak stone instead.
l8 - r12 might be better
white stones are more efficient in making territory.

what is sdk?

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Here you go.

First game:
Second game:

As usual, and thanks to your tendency to come out of the opening with an advantage, the reviews are more in-depth than I had intended at first. I’m sure you don’t mind :smile:


Very insightful reviews!

Thanks rtayek gave me a clean and clear review. All these mistake that you point out are very helpful ^^

SDK = single diggit kyu

Thanks Animiral, your reviews are very very insight! I’m very appreciate that you take your time to do this!!! :blush:

I have two question want to ask

Game 1:
Move 61: The reason I push is before two space jump is because without that push, the two space jump is cuttable. It might turns out a incredibly big and strong moyo at the center. What do you think?

Game 2:
Move 53: I wanted to reduce the white moyo at the center, but seems like jump is a very terrible move, It gives white free peep move and forced me to connect. how if I play M4 shoulder hit, would be better move? what do you think?
p/s: of course I’m not a moron :grin:

The comment that you made in game 1 move 256 gives me a sudden of enlightenment~ :innocent:
Thank you very much!

At the end of the variation at move 61 (black jumps without the push and white cuts with bad shape), I added the push against the keima and wrote: "This exchange changes nothing."
What I mean by that is that even if black pushes first, the cut is still there all the same.

The jump is not a terrible move. Sure, you can play M4 instead, but J6 also reduces white’s influence to the left and takes your potentially weak group into the center faster. I don’t know which one is better.
Don’t worry about the ‘free’ peep move. It may be forcing, but it also makes black stronger. White cannot possibly know now whether that peep will become a good or a bad exchange later.

That’s great, exactly what I wanted to hear :smiley:


Thanks for your replies~

welcome, glad it was useful.


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