Review this attack

I played this game as white

I had an attack against black that was really going well for me, but I didn’t know how to secure my moyo? I have difficulties knowing when to stop attacking.

Any constructive comments are welcomed!


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I wonder why you back to the left with D10 at Move 66?

That move appears to force his little group to leap out into your moyo, rather than doing good work to close off your moyo.

The subsequent stones you played in that area also have the same adverse effect - each time you played there, he got more stones in the mouth of your moyo.

An alternative might have been to play F12 yourself, banking on him feeling the need to connect up, and thus getting free moves sealing your moyo yourself (easy to say in hindsight :smiley: )


Move 88: K9 at G8 ought to be able to kill. Every direction black has to run, white has stones. Just play shape points and draw back.

K9 is not bad, exactly, but as large as the right is, it’s still a pretty close game by my count.

Move 110: The P12 sequence is a game loser. All this does is hand black good shape. A better move is to shut black out of the side with R10. Leave him nothing to lean against to make shape.

White doesn’t need to be afraid for the upper right. Life and connection are miai.

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You don’t have to necessarily seal up your moyo. Attacking all the way is fine as long as you break up his territory even if he breaks yours. Problem is you keep changing your mind about what you want and destroying your own moyo. What the heck is K9 for if you were aiming to attack it only to give up the attack midway.

Your local moves are also ineffective like you could have cut into his bottom side but you chose to play some sabaki-like move at K6 you probably blindly copied from a book to give him more than you should and putting more pressure into keeping that moyo.

Almost losing move was P9 when you cut blindly and let the group easily live but your opponent slipped up so Q8 was the losing move. You could still kill it. Variations are in game.

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