Review wanted, lost by 7.5 points


Lost this corr game by 7.5 points, i think i started playing too loosely after move 125 when i got the o6 stones and thought i was ahead, but after that white got to play better endgame than me

I would welcome any advice on how could i have kept my lead till the end, or where could i have played differently earlier.

Thank you for your time!

Why did you respond to white’s strange move at K7?

There seemed to be the whole right hand side for the taking … K7 didn’t seem to threaten anything…

(Total beginner question here)

good question! I didn’t want white to try to run out f3 stones, but now i think my response was bad, maybe i should have blocked k7 from outside first, or just take big move on right side ^^

Wow, finally someone asking for a review of honestly lost game. Doesn’t happen very often in this topic :slight_smile: Happy to leave some comments in the review:

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Thank you for your comments!


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