River Mountain Go - problem with common endgame pattern

I’m quite new here. I’m reading ‘River Mountain Go’ book to learn to play and there is one pattern that looks very strange to me. Basically I think that both White and Black can play better (which is very unlikely, probably I just don’t undestand the idea of these moves) :slight_smile:
I’ve created a demo describing sequences from the book, and alternative ones that I would play.

Can somebody more experienced explain me what I’m doing wrong?

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Did these occur on an empty board in the rough center of the edge (not a corner)?

Even if they did, several of your branches give up sente, and the rest leave too much aji behind, I think.


I’m just a measly DDK with little theoretical knowledge but I’ve left a few variations there.

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I see I probably wasn’t clear enough. The chapter I’m referring to is ‘Common Endgame Patterns’. The assumption is that, well, it’s endgame: the left side is White’s area, the right side is Black’s are, they are both secure (and of course there are many other stones on the board that are just not important in this pattern) and the idea is to get as many points on the side of the board as possible.