Rules for resign

People challenge me to corresponds game. Then I start the game game and couple movie in I realize the time setting are not what I want. Not sure I can resign with out it effect my rating?

You can ask a moderator to annul the game, which they might do if there’s not many moves in the game played. Either asking here or click ‘call moderator’ icon on the sidebar in the game to directly report that game to get moderator attention to it.

If it’s only 1 or zero moves played I believe a cancel button pops up that one can press to cancel or annul the game themselves.

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They might do so, or they might not.
When you accept a challenge you also accept a certain time setting.
Better check what the time setting is before accepting a challenge.
Or create a challenge (Custom Game) yourself with the time setting you wish.


This is exactly right and if a game is cancelled it doesn’t impact site rankings (though it may impact tournament or ladder standing).

After both sides have played a move the cancel button turns into a resign button. From that point you would need to use the ‘Call moderator’ button to request termination/annulment with reasons.



It will.
One game lost shouldn’t be a big concern though.

To me, if you want to cancel a already started game with more as 2 moves, the first step would be to ask your opponent if he agrees on this. If so, you can then ask an admin for a cancellation.
If not well, resign.