Ruleset when playing against bots

I’m new. I see most people playing with Japanese rules, and that’s what I’d like to play with myself as I practice against the bots.

  1. When creating a new game against the computer, I don’t get to choose the ruleset.

  2. When I click rematch, the ruleset seems to default to Chinese every single time. Even if I override and set to Japanese, when I click rematch the next time, it keeps my other custom settings (like minutes per turn), but the ruleset setting doesn’t stick.

Put simply, scoring algorithms using the Japanese ruleset are more difficult to implement than Chinese, therefore basically all bots require Chinese rules. But, broadly speaking, unless you get two seki on the board and the outcome is within 0.5 point range, this does not matter.

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If that’s the case, then my suggestion is to remove the rules selection box from the computer rematch UI (to align with the initial computer match UI, which is already abridged).

For bonus points, put a small note in the match and rematch UIs to indicate that all games are scored using Chinese rules, for computational efficiency.


For everything UI, you can do that yourself actually. Code it up, git commit and wait for merge.

If you can’t wait. :wink: