Saving App Settings

I can’t seem to save app setting. I really want to lower the volume and change live games to “submit move” for the app, but changes made in the app never stick. They also don’t correlate to settings changed on the computer. It always reverts to 50% vol, one-click, plain board and stones. It kind of renders the app completely useless for live games, which are the majority of what I play. I’ve tried hitting every “update ___” button and every combination of them and it always reverts when you close the app.

This typically has to do with a browser add-on or extension, or setting, that is interfering with storing data in local storage. You can test to see if this is your problem by opening up a private / incognito window (which implicitly disables extensions by default), logging into the site, modifying a setting, and refreshing the page to see if it stuck. If this works for you, it’s an extension that’s causing the problem.


Perhaps I was unclear. It all works fine in browser. The App won’t do it, though. It will let me change from dark to light theme, but the other features revert. I tried changing them incognito. Nothing different.

So, what do you mean by app? In case you mean your phone browser, then which browser is it (and which OS)?

The OGS Android app

It’s not official or anything, I’m pretty sure that was made by a user, not affiliated with OGS.


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