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hey y’all. I’m feeling the go right now. Are any of my old friends still here?


Welcome back! Been a while ^___^

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2023 Games, One Point Lessons, maybe two
learning Didn’t realize the F19 chain was in trouble (until too late)
learning revived a dead group by connecting on first line, missed sealing in opponent’s dead group
saxmaam vs. Bouvardia Don’t forget to think! watch cuts, big things first. (maybe the lesson is don’t expect much when tired)
saxmaam vs. doge_bot_4 Priorities, sister. Do I have a weak group? Does my opponent?
blitz Missed a big kill in blitz game
u3577479 vs. saxmaam lost a cutting race. get some more liberties!
saxmaam vs. BigboyXia was losing, then Ko Fights! opponent quit. *** need to review ***
The AI pointed out many reading mistakes in this one.
saxmaam vs. 老鼠爱围棋 watch your liberties! open skirts are big opportunities
Ladder Challenge: saxmaam(#7) vs SylTi(#6) don’t get complacent. life and death problems


More Quotes

Note: We have been calling the vital point—the point that determines life and death of a group if it is not already alive or dead as it stands—the “center” or sometimes the “center of symmetry”. There’s also an interesting way of looking at it in terms of pivots. The pivot, you may recall, is an opposing stone on the unoccupied “jaw” of a just-about-to-be-formed tiger’s mouth. The vital point of an eye shape is always on a pivot. [Janice, Kim book four]

1 Like Missed opportunity to kill, got a seki instead. oof!