Saying no to challenges

Is there a way to set a preference of what ranks I’ll accept challenges from, or what handicaps I will accept?

Of course, anyone is welcome in ladder challenges.

If I am challenged, the game gets started. Is there a way I can accept or not accept before it starts?

When you create a new open challenge there is a checkbox to restrict the rank… clicking on that will expand some options to allow you to set an upper and lower bound. There’s also the option to set handicap preference.

If you cancel a game within the first few moves the game will be annulled and will not count towards your rating.

Of course in Ladder challenges if you do that you will automatically forfeit your place.

I don’t think I have created a new open challenge. I was just challenged by a 12k (I am 3k) and the game simply began. Are you saying if that happens, and I don’t want play I cancel it? If so, how do you cancel a game?

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If you resign in the first several moves (don’t know how many…), the game will be annuled.

I’d definitely prefer some way to click NO or DECLINE before being faced with a game that looks as if it has begun and it is my turn.

And even better if I could add a few lines of text, explaining why I reject the challenge if I wish to do so.