Scheduled game and link for that

Hello all,

I usually share the link of my games with friends to let them know and watch, other times I just send, previously, the day and time the game will happen.

For the second situation, would be very nice if I could send a link of scheduled game and they just subscribes to be notified when it starts.

What do you think about this feature?


Scheduled games would be super handy for a variety of purposes. For live commentary broadcasts, the producer has to wait for the game to start, then find the game, before showing it on the stream. If it could be scheduled in advance, that would make a huge difference.

Would be handy to create a more formal setting for online live tournaments, too; if the clock starts right when the game is scheduled to start, there’d be more pressure to start on time. IDK maybe some people would hate that, but it might be worth trying out :woman_shrugging:


Internet connection acts up, unexpected bathroom break…
I think all opponents would prefer a win against a player at their best, not glancing to that door with agony. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Well, I’m not suggesting this as a general thing. Only for more formal settings, to more closely mimic an irl tournament. Also I’d assume there’s still that five-minute first move buffer, and there’s always the option for either side to pause to allow for the other.


From this point of view I agree with you, but I think, as @Gooplet said that some settings can resolve.

What do you think about the ideia in general? (Receiving a notification on the site about the game you subscribed days before?)

I’d like that, especially for official games.
We get forum posts, but not always and not always on time.

Banners are usually on time, but they’re not reminders.

I’d like a “final game starts in 30 minutes” so I know not to start a live challenge or a drama episode. Or even “tournament starts in 30 minutes” or even better “rengo challenge from January starts in 30 minutes” :wink:.

I don’t follow content creators on streaming but that’s part because that’s another platform to follow (not for lazy me) but a scheduled OGS notification could lure me.


Somewhat related, I would like a way to link to a challenge (so I can invite people to open challenges). Those links could resolve to the game if the game has started


I would also use this feature. It would help streamers, tournaments and people in general to schedule games.


The design itself is wrong. Ther is always an important delay between the start of the game and the time you join, even with a careful admin around for announcement.
The game could be created before being started (clock frozen) so people could gather in advance, streamers prepare their stream…

Maybe simply put an option to pause the game at creation in the create game panel (disabled by default)


Ooh well without any technical changes, that actually brings up an interesting workaround- start game early, immediately pause, share w/ppl who can gather at game.


That’s the only difference, yes. Up to the organizers if the little delay matters or not.

Then it’s all about communication. Ask the organizers to create and share the links of the games beforehand, announce the schedule, all in a visible place like “announcement” category of the forum.

Note for organizers: the pause feature is unlimited in time (but can be use 5 times only in a game) so you can plan long time in advance your games.

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In my experience, this doesn’t really work. It requires that people follow instructions :sweat_smile: maybe for a single match, but since players have to manually create their own matches in coordination with their opponent, I can’t imagine this working practically on any larger scale


Meaning I fear, that organizers should be able to create (and pause) the games themselves.

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But what if it were a “Rengo” game where the organiser kicked themselves out leaving only the two players playing? I’ve no idea if the challenge can still be started in the circumstance but it could be a be workaround to enable someone to organise a game for others…

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I think that yikeweiqi does something like that. I don’t remeber the exact details but it looks like this.

An organizer can schedule a game between two players at time T. Both players can join the game between time T and T+15 minutes. After 15 minutes, a player who didn’t join the game loses by forfeit.

When a player joins, his avatar becomes visible, and if both players are present they may start the game.


To add to this fantastic suggestion: something like Calendly for OGS games would be amazing. It would be such a boost to quality of life, especially in tournament games on Discords and communities

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