Score-est and gamechat

So while using the score estimator I notice that when you mark stones and if there is a leak to the opponents territory it marks everything dead and not just the stones you clicked :(! would it be possible to make it only mark the stones you clicked and not have it kill everything I believe the score estimator on tygem has that ability where it only marks the stones you clicked :D!

I also have a problem sometime when reviewing with player’s and they say that the chat box is too small so they want to take it to another site to review and… I kind of agree! the chat box in matches is really tiny I also know that the left side can be collapsed which helps a ton! I know a way that might help more yeah? on kgs the game tree is hidden behind the chat so you can switch back and forth between them why not do something like that? or just have an ability to collapse the tree so the chat gets bigger it’s just really difficult to review for people here with the small chat box straining your eyes! :frowning: anyway thanks for taking a look :)!

Try shift+clicking

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AH ok thanks a ton :D! That’s cool thanks :)!!