Score estimate problem


This game: Freundschaftsspiel

My opponent won fair and square and was very mannered. I tried to report the game but the only option I found was to report the player which obviously is not what I want to do. So I put this here.

My question: Why did the score estimate calculate the exact same territory (visually) with a 5 points difference (changing the result from a win to a loss for white).

I learned a lesson to count myself, but I feel like I made some lazy moves because score estimate told me I was winning no matter what the last 10 or so moves. I did not expect the AI to trick me at the very least :slight_smile:

I mean, even after the game is over and I lost, I still have a 97% win chance according to OGS AI.

I am not mad but curious at what is going on here.


The 3 intersections near C12 were scored as neutral, rather than as points for White.


Wow. Can’t believe I missed that after analyzing for so long. Lol. You live and you learn I guess.

Thanks for pointing it out.


I have reported the game as “Other,” because it needs to be annulled as a wrongly scored game. It is either an example of the autoscore bug from 2020, or it was score cheated. I agree that the latter seems unlikely because your opponent has a clean record over at least the last 100 games. A mod will be able to tell the difference definitively.


Yeah it seems like the stone removal algorithm didnt pick up those 2 stones as dead, and then you both accepted the score like that. Its good to check up the board and manually mark the dead stones / territories before accepting if needed, usually the algorithm gets it right but not always ://

Game has been annulled so it wont affect your ratings ^^


I thank you for doing to the right thing and reporting the game. I think I would do the same most of the time. Because obviously something was wrong.

But I have now reviewed our first pass. I declined the score after surprisingly realizing I somehow lost. I thought I must have missed something. The score estimator said c13 stones were mine in the review (win for me) but I obviously missed it in the end score review (where it wrongly changed).

So I missed it twice, but the score estimator also tricked me twice. And my opponent also must have missed it twice, or was trying to cheat me. And I don’t think he/she tricked me. Objectively, I don’t think it matters - bottom line I didn’t see the OGS mistake.

OGS score estimate is almost certainly at fault, but if I was more alert I would have found it. I got two chances and failed. I don’t think my oppponent should be punished for a silly score estimate glitch? I don’t know how I would feel if this happened vs two random people. I would probably report it as unfair and a glitch/bug, but not annul the game if I’m being honest.

Your opponent was not punished for it. It was reported as “Other,” not as score cheating, and Koba confirmed above that it was an autoscore bug.


Fair enough

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