Score estimator availability option?

I think that being able to use a score estimator (no matter how innacurate) while playing a game is against the spirit of the game. Being able to estimate the score yourself while playing is an important skill to acquire, and the availability of a score estimator demotivates you from practising this skill. I can imagine that other players have arguments for preserving the current situation.

But could an option be provided when you create a game to turn off the score estimator for the players during the game?


Already exists. If you only want it for personal use, you can go to settings and tick “Always Disable Analysis”

If you want both players in the game to be unable to use score estimator, you can select “Disable analysis” on a custom or open challenge (not available within quick match)


OK, good, thanks!

Did “Disable Analysis” get changed to this? I know there was talk about it, but I forget if it got changed or not. For the record, I completely agree that Disable Analysis should also disable SE, but does it?


Ticking this box will also disable you/both players from playing out variations as long as the game is still going on.

@Samraku Yeah. Afaik this got added. Its not brand new, but word is still spreading :slight_smile:.


By default, players can try out variations on the board during a game?! No wonder I keep getting beaten!!

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I don’t know how many people actually do that in live games; I know I never do even when Analysis is enabled because I consider it not to be an appropriate tool to use, though I don’t mind if my opponents do as it’s their own reading skill they’re hurting.

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I’m just surprised that analysis and score estimation is available at all. Perhaps they’re intended for teaching, unranked, uncompetitive games, that might make sense.

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Technically, we can never prevent anyone using a real board and stones for analysing his/her ongoing games, and doing score estimations with “does my palm fit in here” technique. It might count as cheating if anal. tools are disabled, but there is simply no way of stopping that with internet go. Thus, i feel that enabling those tools for both players makes sense in a basis of “if we can’t stop it, we should endorse it and make it available for everyone”

Of course, when the game being played is a serious one those kinda assisting tools should be disabled, but for games that are played just for fun between two amateurs, it might be quite useful and fun to chat and share variations like “i think i should have played here, SE says its 10 points larger”

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I am 18 years or older

Yeah, my wife also considers it cheating when I use anal. tools.




You could say the same thing about bots.

‘They can actually search and play out millions of variations on a virtual board and know with 100% certainty whether a group has x-amount of liberties, after so many stones are played, or what the board looks like afterward. No wonder humans keep getting beaten’.


Yes, that’s an argument. I understand the situation better now. Thanks.

I’m glad to see that the score estimator can be disabled now. I hadn’t even noticed since I just disregard it.

I’m also glad that the current score estimator is quite flawed and inaccurate, leading many to disregard it. In another thread, I explain why I think it would actually be detrimental if it were to be improved with a strong AI engine (and allowed to be used in most games):


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