Score Estimator Rule

It appears to be straight forward, but I just want to double check. So if I use SE during the game:

  1. Does it automatically award 6.5 to white in Japanese rule?
  2. Only the marked area is counted? For example, SE can not determine sometimes a large enclosed area actually belongs to one side, which is fair. but we can. So in the game, I can make my own “adjustment” of the SE results.

This is a wonderful feature. I have to say.

SE only works halfway reliably when all borders are closed and groups are clearly dead/alive.

SE always takes komi into consideration. If you’re using -200 komi, it will enter that in its estimation as well.

Only the intersections with squares on them are counted. If the borders next to a dead dragon are not closed, you cannot sensibly change the outcome by clicking on the dragon. It will simply extend toward a region on the board where the borders are closed.

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And just to make the list complete you can shift+click (if you are on a computer of course) to make the adjusments more fine. Although it still only works about half the times. :smiley:

We are glad you like the feature though :slight_smile: usually people are not so happy with it :smiley: Although there were some “big” improvements recently, to be fair :slight_smile:

Also the obligatory warning, we usually recommend to not rely to heavily on SE, if you want to improve your go it is better (and more reliable) to learn to estimate for yourself. But of course the SE also sometimes comes in handy :slight_smile:

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Agreed not to depend on SE. I see it a convenience to replace some manual count, especially when I am under stress. Anything more than that, SE takes away our fun to play.