Score in Removing Stones phase

In the previous version, the current score is displayed as the groups are marked.

Would it be possible to have this back? Also, the final scores used to be displayed in the user boxes when viewing a finished game.

The result is displayed above the game. I’m talking about individual scores.

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Where is the Komi? We need that first.

Ah shoot, yep we’ll get that back.

in my opponent and I went
to score, but the auto scoring system marked dead groups as

there doesn’t seem to be any way of overriding the automatic decision,
so I suggested we go back and try to fill all the dame.

two things though, explicitly killing the group wrongly marked as dame
would lose a point in japanese scoring

and secondly my opponent was so confused by the affair that they
ended up losing on time anyways

since no automatic scoring can be 100% corect unless Go becomes solved, could
we have a clear option for allowing manual?


Manual scoring is always possible, the automatic scoring just tries to make a good first pass… which sometimes is enough, but often is not. To manually score simply click the groups which should be dead or alive to toggle their state.

self reply here. KillerDucky looked into this and had a discussion with me.

its likely that some combination of auto scoring, strict scoring, and clicking
on stones marked seki, and playing through dame would have allowed
us to generate the correct score.

however, it was totally unclear at the time how that could have happened, and
its not a process that one player can step through on their own. i did try to
toggle automatic scoring, but it didn’t have an immediate effect, and it wasn’t
clear what I would need to do

so I guess I’d like to suggest that the number of flags and options be reduced,
and some consideration given towards making it clear what to do when the
automatic system misclassifies stone status

i guess you guys are trying to remove beginners confusion about stone removal, but I think the current situation is confusing for the experienced players as well

Ah indeed… yeah it’s certainly not the first time things have been confusing, we’ll have to continue iterating on things to hopefully make that process a bit easier / less confusing.

IMO get rid of strict scoring. Only rules pedants even know what it is.

I’m also missing this (seeing the score during the stone removal phase). I’m too anxious to wait for my opponent to agree.