Scoring Bug: bottom left, missed a point

figure you already know, more data :wink:

odd that it is uncertain, i think because its false eye analysis is maybe not spot on.


Great site

As I understand it, the automatic scorer plays out some number of random games, and thresholds all the stones and points by which player ends up controlling them most often. It’s never going to be perfect.

You can adjust the live/dead status of individual stones with shift-click. This can also be used to mark dame. It can sometimes take a bit of fiddling for it to get everything correct, in tricky situations.

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Submit this to whatever bug tracker you use and next time actually look at the reported issue before responding.

I took time out to report a bug and you didn’t look.
What do you think will happen when i next find a bug?

Sorry if it wasn’t clear, but I did look at the game you linked, and ran the automatic scoring algorithm a few times to see how that point was marked. The automatic scoring algorithm uses the same random-playout method to determine live/dead and scoring points.

Even if the automatic scoring is improved, it will always be up to the players to make sure live/dead groups and scoring vs. non-scoring points are marked correctly, as it’s a very complicated problem to analyze automatically.


we were at the end of the game.

we had played out all dame

we have told it the inside group is dead.
we have told it the other part of the white group is alive.

you don’t use this info.

neither of us could mark those stones alive.

The game was finished with an incorrect score.

i leave it in your hands.

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@crodgers and I just forked the game to test, this is the result:

The automatic scoring worked on the first try. However, as automatic scoring is based on a randomized estimation, it sometimes does not work, and has to be fixed by hand (or you can just hit the “Score Automatically” button to re-run the estimate).