Scoring is messed up

I’m a beginner but I can’t see how I lost this game:

I played so hard and it was victory over my friend that I really wanted. She said the scoring was all wrong so then we started looking into it and I ended up losing.

That’s so silly, can you guys program the computer to automate scoring? Go is hard enough as a beginner but now I have the computer saying I lost?! It’s just bogus. I hope you guys can make it automatic.

That’s obviously a bug. The komi setting you used is weird to begin with, so maybe the bug is related to that.

By the way, if you look at analyze mode, you’ll see that it calculates the score properly when you mouse over the points. Wait, now it’s not showing the right score. This gets weirder and weirder.

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Should count as Jigo (tie).

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Technically a tie in points should result in a draw, but white clearly won that game, so it’s kind of a bug on top of a bug.

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That is pretty bizarre, we’ll look into it. Looks like a custom komi setting was used which was also interesting… note that because of that this game was unranked and thus did not affect your rating.

The scoring is mostly automatic already but we’ll be improving it… in the meantime you should know how to score games yourself.

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Sorry about sounding so rude. I was disappointed it didn’t show up as a win which of course doesn’t mean anything at all in light of finding such a great site.

My friend and I were really impressed with the user interface. It reminded me of in that it was beautiful and intuitive. Obviously, you guys have done an unbelievable job designing the site.


Thanks for saying so… like I said, we’ll look into that but in the future if you want to get credit for the win make sure you check the “ranked” checkbox when creating the game. Depending on the board size we have particular settings that are required in order for the game to be ranked and those are enforced if the checkbox is selected.